Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

Termite inspections are a key component of a home inspection.  Termite Inspections are actually a part of the process of Wood Destroying Organisms Inspections (WDO) which are comprised of wood decaying fungi, Old house borers, Powder Post Beatles, Dry wood Termites and Subterranean Termites. Each has a unique ability to destroy or consume structural wood on buildings and other items of comprised of cellulose. 

Termite Inspections by DC Inspections Inc

Termite Inspection – Certification

Termite Inspections are under the jurisdiction of DACS or the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. All persons conducting such inspections are required to carry an identification card issued by DACS, have specialized training and be under the direct supervision of a Certified Operator or be a Certified operator.  The staff at DC Inspections Inc have both certifications and operate from our sister company DC Pest Management Inc. 

Termite Inspection – Violation of Florida Law

Any termite inspector conducting or attempting to conduct termite inspections without being an I.D. card holder certified to conduct a termite inspection is in violation of Florida law. 

Most banks and lenders require that the termite inspection be performed at the buyer’s expense for the bank or lenders benefit. The WDO Report is only valid for thirty days. The termite inspection is a worthwhile inspection even when paying cash for a home.

Relax with piece of mind knowing that the DC Inspections termite inspectors can also conduct all the Insurance Inspections, General Household Pest Control, Wind Mitigation and termite inspection of your home inspection.