Insurance Inspections

Insurance Inspections

Insurance inspections (Wind / Roof / 4 Point) have become more and more common over the past ten years. These insurance inspections are required either to obtain insurance or obtain premium discounts and we all like to save money. 

Insurance Inspections Savings


Insurance Inspections – Certified

All our inspectors are trained and certified to conduct all insurance inspections. The 4 Point Inspections is an evaluation of the four primary components of the home. Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), and the Roof. Insurance companies require that four point information be placed on a single form to make their lives easier and must be signed by a certified and licensed inspector.   The Roof inspection is self explanatory. 

Insurance Inspections – Wind Mitigation

The Wind Mitigation or Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection or UMVI is required to obtain hurricane coverage discounts if the home qualifies. Qualifications are based upon what type and the age of the roof covering, i.e. shingles metal etc. How the roof deck is attached to the trusses, nail sizes and number of nails per sheet of plywood or other form of roof decking. What type of restraint system holds the roof trusses to the exterior walls along with roof geometry or shape. And finally are the openings of the home, glazed and unglazed, (doors and windows) protected and by what. This complex system is supplied with photos to the insurance company for evaluation.

The Insurance Inspections can be combined with or separate from the entire menu of DC Inspection Inc Services.